Friday, June 06, 2014

Pale Moon 24.6 Update for Windows and Linux

Pale Moon
Version 24.6 of the increasingly popular Pale Moon browser has been released.

This is a major update which includes a rendering engine overhaul as well as a number of very important fixes, particularly relating to improving privacy and security.


  • Allow animated personas (lightweight themes)! You will need to set a preference for this.
  • Fix regularly occurring browser crashes with hardware acceleration enabled on DirectWrite 6.2/6.3 (Win 7 with Platform Update, Windows 8/8.1).
  • Fix font rendering issues on DirectWrite 6.2/6.3, especially on legacy AMD hardware. (KB2670838 issues).
  • Fix Windows version detection issues on Windows 8.1.
  • Shuffle reported plugin installation order to confuse trackers.
  • Clean up jumplist icons so they no longer pile up on disk on some systems (also a privacy concern).
  • Change the sync server to a (new) Pale Moon sync server.
  • Update the status bar code: Full-screen HTML5 video will no longer have status pop-ups overlaid.
  • Add code to selectively ignore "autocomplete=off" on signon input fields.
  • Linux: reduce gstreamer CPU overhead.
  • Fix styled HTML buttons to address misaligned button contents (wrong baseline), e.g. gmail account chooser.
  • Fix an old IonMonkey bug resulting in incorrect math results in some cases.
  • Improve the performance of editor initialization.
  • Update the Pale Moon icon for better display on lower color depths.
  • Media: use a simpler way to discard superfluous audio packets.

Security Fixes

  • bug #994907 - imgDecoderObserver does reference counting on different threads, so should be using thread safe reference counting.
  • bug #992274 - Tweak an edge case in line number handling.
  • bug #995603 - Ensure mouse-enter/exit events are sent to plugins as appropriate.
  • bug #1005552 - Stop binding marquee event handlers + misc related fixes.
  • bug #1000185 - Fix several issues with SMIL.
  • bug #978811 - Fix isFakeExitFrame to return true for entry frames.
  • bug #996715 - IonMonkey: Remove the code that bails when determining if the second instruction in a chunk is a branch.
  • bug #967354 - Fix incorrect usage of UpdateWebGLErrorAndClearGLError();


To get the update now, select "Help" from the Pale Moon menu at the upper left of the browser window, then pick "About Pale Moon."

Pale Moon has both 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows, a portable version and a Linux version available from the Download tab from the Pale Moon home page.


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