Saturday, October 19, 2013

WinPatrol™2013 v29.0

WinPatrol 2013

WinPatrol 29.0.2013.0 was released as a "Power to the People" update, incorporating suggestions by users of WinPatrol.

Clickable Links on Alert Screens

WinPatrol v29 has added new clickable links on the alert screens.  As shown in the image below, in addition to the usual options, the alert screen now includes the ability to immediately disable the program from startup, check properties or open the folder.  For stubborn programs that continually add re-add to startup at each update, this is particularly welcome.

WinPatrol Alert Screen

Suppress Continuous Alerts

If, like me, you want to know what changes are made to your computer when installing a new program or Microsoft Updates, you've kept the option to be alerted when changes are made.  However, when faced with multiple alerts for the same update, there is a lot of clicking involved to approve the changes.

WinPatrol 29 now includes the default option to suppress additional alerts after your first response.

WinPatrol Options

New Features to Start, IE Helper and Service Alerts

  • Added Properties information directly from Windows
  • Added Open Folder launching Windows File Explorer to allow user direct access to new file.
  • Added Exit Windows emergency exit in case new users are confused or had WinPatrol installed without their knowledge.
  • Include Disable feature to new Startup Program alert message. This tells WinPatrol to keep track of this file and always remove it anytime it is put back into the startup list.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Reduce font size for dialogs that display long path names.
  • Confirm MS Shell Dlg font is used to support international system fonts
  • Adjust fonts to provide better handling when resizing main interface
  • Change default position of alert message to upper right corner to be less obstuctive
  • Detect signature file updates without warning McAfee users every day.
  • Confirm all types of changes are checked at the same time when any single change occurs.
  • Allow suppression of multiple alerts during Real-time Infiltration Detection

WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, including x64 versions, and can be installed directly over your current WinPatrol.  There is no need to remove your previous version or reactivate WinPatrol PLUS.

Download WinPatrol 29.0.2013.0

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