Friday, January 04, 2013

WinPatrol® 2013 Update, v26.1.2013

I asked and Bill did it! 
I confess thousands have requested a WinPatrol feature that I never added until this week when asked for it. :)

Yes, WinPatrol now has a minimize option.  Although it is certainly easy enough to click on another program to change focus, too often when helping people with WinPatrol, I caught myself closing WinPatrol Explorer, only having to relaunch it again.  I asked Bill if he would consider adding a minimize button.  As shown in the above screen clip, 
Bill came through.  Thank you, Bill.

Bug fixes include the" First Detected" Date for Active Tasks and when hiding the Scotty System Tray icon.

Additional new features include the following:

Delayed Start List Option:  
"Run As Adminstrator" for any programs launched by WinPatrol in Delayed Start list.

Restart Windows 8 to Advanced Repair/Restore mode:  
Note:  This feature is only available with WinPatrol PLUS.

Right-click on any file with WinPatrol and select "Restart Windows for Repair in Safe Mode."

Although the latest version update includes Windows 8 features, WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 including x64 versions.

Go here for additional information about the update and to download WinPatrol.

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