Thursday, October 25, 2012

WinPatrol PLUS for 99 Cents (Limited Time)

If you missed other opportunities to purchase a WinPatrol PLUS license for 99 cents, this may be your last chance.  Although Bill Pytlovany is once again providing this wonderful opportunity, he expects it will be the last.

The special is available now through Friday, October 25, 2012. October 26, 2012 (thanks, Kosh!).  Each 99 cent license is good for a single machine, although you can indeed order multiple licenses.  A single activation code will be created per order.  The name/code combination can be used on each machine.

NOTE: Bill told me that many people are not waiting or clicking continue to get their PLUS code after making the purchase. Although Bill can get it for you, there will be a delay while he processes the e-mail and tracks down the code. So, please wait for the code!!! 
 If you already have the free version of WinPatrol installed, all you need do is launch WinPatrol and click the About/PLUS tab. Just enter your new PLUS code and the PLUS features will automatically be activated!!!

If you do not have WinPatrol installed, you can download it at the time of purchasing the PLUS code or just go to and download it. You'll download the "free" version and then add your PLUS code after installing it.

Its that simple!

As always with your WinPatrol PLUS license, the 99 cent license is transferable if you get a new computer.   

If you are new to WinPatrol or a long-time supporter of this great software program, we're happy to help with WinPatrol questions at LandzDown in our WinPatrol Help & Information forum.

See Bill's post for additional information: WinPatrol® PLUS for 99 cents Best October News or head right to BillP Studios to place your orderClick on the link that looks like the copy below at

PayPal Upgrade Option
Experimental Special

WinPatrol PLUS Only $0.99

One license per computer
One code for each order

Be sure to wait after payment for code creation page.

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BeautyThroughHarmony said...

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Corrine said...

There are things that can be done but it is time-consuming. If your content is being scraped and published on a blogging platform, you can report them to that company (i.e. Blogger or WordPress. Another alternative is to file a DMCA take-down request.