Wednesday, October 05, 2011

To Mozilla: Update Fatigue, Yes, Silent Updates, No!

Mozilla, what is the matter with your thinking?  Being stuck with a slow dial-up connection, I switched to Phoenix because it was faster that other browsers I tried.  I stayed with Firebird and then the final product name, Firefox.  That is a lot of years history, which I can envision coming to an end.

It has almost reached the point that the only thing that is keeping me from uninstalling Firefox is the extensions that I use throughout the day.

Update Fatigue

First came the rush out the door every six weeks with the "rapid-release process".  This nonsense put unnecessary stress and strain on both devoted Firefox users as well as developers of users' favorite extensions.  The process has not been error free, particularly as evidenced by the problems users encountered with the update to version 7, resulting in "hidden add-ons". 

There would be no "update fatigue" if the silly rapid-release process is put to rest, where it belongs.  New features important for maintaining excitement and interest in the product.  Prompt security updates are critical.  However, what value is there in introducing new features every six weeks when the users have not fully appreciated or become accustomed to the previous changes?

Silent Updates

Now, brought back from the dark channels is the ill-planned silent update currently in development for version 10.  Back up, Mozilla.  You have no right to override UAC in order to achieve your silent update plans.  Only the computer owner has the right to make any changes to UAC, not a third-party software program.  It is my computer and I will decide what I install on it and when it will be installed.

Can anyone hear the world-wide uproar if Microsoft switched to silent updates? 

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