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Solve Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Errors

Edit Note: *The Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta has been renamed to "Windows Defender Offline Beta".

There is a lot of interest in the Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta, a recovery tool currently available from Microsoft Connect.  Most people using the tool have not had any problems.  However, as is inevitable, there are several error codes that some people have experienced.

Below is a summary of the common error codes and suggested trouble-shooting steps.

Items of note

  1. At least 1 GB RAM is required in order to run the Standalone System Sweeper.
  2. A minimum of at least 250 MB of free space on the selected media (CD, DVD or USB drive) is required.
  3. The correct version of the tool (32- or 64-bit) is required for the infected operating system where the tool will be used.
  4. The System Sweeper will not be able to scan if there are no definitions.
  5. An Internet connection is needed in order to update the definitions.

Error Code 0x8004cc04

Error Code 0x8004cc04 relates to missing definitions. 

Recommendation:  Run the tool again and select the USB drive option.  The USB drive will be reformatted and a Standalone System Sweeper will be installed on the USB drive.  This will convert the USB to a bootable USB drive.  Be sure to click Yes, download the latest definitions.  You must be connected to the Internet to complete this process.

Error Code 0x8004cc05

UpdateError Code 0x8004cc05 has also occurred in situations where no floppy drive is enabled.  In those cases, a solution that has worked is to boot without the network cable. After the Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper launches, reconnect the network cable and download the current definitions.
(Added 12SEP2011)

Error Code 0x8004cc05 appears to be more common on systems with an AMD processor. I also found that Error Code 0x8004cc05 is also more likely on systems with a 3.5" floppy drive. Disabling the floppy drive either via Device Manager or BIOS appears to solve the problem.

  1. To Disable the Floppy Drive in Device Manager:  Go to Device Manager. (Accept any UAC Prompt in Windows Vista or Windows 7).  Locate and  Expand FloppyDiskdrives. Right-click on the FloppyDiskDrive and select Disable.  Close Device Manager and restart the computer.
  2. To Disable the Floppy Drive in BIOS: On most computers you can access the BIOS by tapping the Delete key when restarting the Computer, although some use the F2, F10 or ESC key.  In CMOS Setup, click the device associated with the drive, generally Floppy Drive A and select Disabled.  Press F10 to save and select Yes to confirm your changes and restart the computer.
Reverse the process to re-enable the floppy drive.

Error Code 0x8050800c

There are a couple of issues that may result in Error Code 0x8050800c.

  1. At least 1 GB RAM is needed in order to run the Standalone System Sweeper
  2. The ISO created may be defective.  Try creating a new ISO, allowing it to download the newest definitions (Note:  You will not be able to scan if there are no definitions.)
  3. Run chkdsk /r on the drive and see if system sweeper will work correctly

Additional Help

For additional assistance, see the problems listed below addressed in Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta Help & How-To

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Anonymous said...

downloaded windows defender off line from one computer on cd to use on another. boots up from cd, defender comes on but stalls at updates

Corrine said...

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