Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Critical Updates for Adobe Products

Adobe released critical updates today Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Flash Player and Shockwave Player.  Important Severity updates were released for Adobe ColdFusion, Live Cycle Data Services, Live Cycle ES and Blaze DS.

Details on all of the updates are available in the references section below.  The most common products used by home computer users are Adobe Reader, Flash Player and Shockwave Player.

Please see the following special items of note regarding the updates for Adobe Reader, Flash Player and Shockwave Player.

Adobe Reader and Acrobat

As always, beware of third party toolbar offerings. In the event you use Adobe Acrobat, you may be interested in Inside Adobe Acrobat Protected View.

Download Links:

Adobe Flash Player

Although Adobe suggests downloading the update from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center or by using the auto-update mechanism within the product when prompted, if you prefer, the direct download links are as follows:
If you use the Adobe Flash Player Download Center, be careful to UNCHECK the box shown below. It is not needed for the Flash Player update.  In addition, any toolbar offered with Adobe products can be unchecked if not wanted.

Verify Flash Player Installation

To verify the Adobe Flash Player version number installed on your computer, go to the About Flash Player page, or right-click on content running in Flash Player and select "About Adobe Flash Player" from the menu.

Do this for each browser installed on your computer.

Adobe Shockwave Player

Shockwave Player download for Windows:  http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/

Please remember to uncheck any unwanted 3rd party toolbars/programs during installation. Also please do not confuse this with Adobe Flash Player which is a different program.

How to disable the auto-update setting in Shockwave:  http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/166/tn_16683.html.  If you do not want auto-updating, this must be set every time Shockwave Player is updated.


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