Monday, February 14, 2011

WinPatrol 2011

Scotty, the Windows Watchdog, has changed over the years to keep up with the changes in the Windows operating systems he monitors.  In addition to fixing a couple of bugs with 64-bit operating systems, with the release of WinPatrol 2011, Scotty is monitoring additional information in Active Tasks.

Whether it be a malware infection or a recently installed program that is causing problems, the additional information now available in Active Tasks and the corresponding Recent tab will be very helpful in narrowing the source of the problem.

To view the active DLL's which are connected to running Tasks, check "Show All Active Files".  Click the First Detected column to sort by the date WinPatrol detected the addition of the file.

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In the case of the .dll highlighted above, it is a legitimate file.  However, in the event the file was causing problems, locate the file on the Recent tab and select Kill Task.  On the other hand, if research showed that that the file was in fact malware, right-click the selected file and select "Delete on Reboot".

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Long-time users of WinPatrol know the benefits of WinPatrol PLUS, which include the following features, not available in the free version:

See the other changes in WinPatrol 2011 at Bits from Bill: Time to Install WinPatrol 2011.

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