Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Facebook Page Created for Security Garden

Like on Facebook Two friends have been encouraging me to create a Facebook page or group for Security Garden.  At first, it seemed like a duplication of information.  After considering the popularity of Facebook ("Facebook passed Google as the most-visited website in the US in 2010."*), I realized that it is another avenue to provide computer information to friends and followers, like one-stop shopping.  They can keep up with friends as well as getting computer security news and information, tips and more without leaving Facebook.

What really convinced me to create a Facebook page, however, was considering a couple recent comments made on various forums by people I have helped: 
"I want to express my appreciation to Corrine and others here who work so hard to help all us who somehow mess up our computers.  If you will tell me how, I'd like to make a contribution to the forum or whatever might be best to show my appreciation." 

"As someone who has benefited from the expertise of Corrine and the LzD folks, I add my congratulations. They are so patient and helpful with us "non techies" on the other end of the keyboard."

"I am pleased as punch that no threats were found!! . . . I really want to thank Corrine and the other talented folks who keep this forum available!!"
This next comment by someone I helped with a WinPatrol problem illustrated to me that the ten plus years helping on various forums plus the almost five years of providing information via this blog have apparently reached further than I thought:
"Corrine, I just realized the you are THE Corrine, of Security Garden, etc."
Knowing that I have helped someone and receiving a thank you means a lot.  If I can teach those I help how to better secure their computer, all the better.  So, I followed the suggestion of my friends and created a Facebook page for Security Garden, hoping the information I share will help more people stay attuned to computer security issues and help them stay secure.

Like on Facebook Like Security Garden on Facebook.

* Facebook: Most Popular Search Term & Most Visited Website in 2010, Hitwise Says

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