Friday, September 03, 2010

New! MBR Backup by Mischel Internet Security

Introduced today by Mischel Internet Security, the makers of the well known Trojan Hunter software, is a very timely new program, MBR Backup.  This freeware program will allow you to easily back up the Master Boot Record (MBR).  In the event you need to restore the MBR you will have a valid copy available.

So, what does the MBR do?  The MBR is this first sector the BIOS locates when starting the computer.  It is also known as the partition table, or master boot block.  The MBR uses the partition information to determine which partition is bootable and then attempts to boot from it. If the MBR is damaged or corrupted, the data on your hard drive is lost. 

What we are finding today is MBR rootkits such as TDL3 (also known as TDSS or Alureon).  With MBR Backup, recovery from such situations may be possible. 

As described by Magnus Mischel, following is what MBR Backup does:

"MBR Backup helps you create a backup of your Master Boot Record. If you ever need to restore it you know you will have a valid copy available. MBR Backup gives you two ways of backing up your MBR - to a file or by printing(!) it. Believe it or not, printing it is actually the best method to back up your MBR, for several reasons:
  • With a printout you always have a physical copy of the MBR to hand
  • No chance of saving the MBR to a file on the hard drive that gets corrupted
  • The MBR is only 512 bytes in size. Typing it in manually will be the least of your concerns if all your data is gone"
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