Monday, August 23, 2010

Firefox Extension: Team Cymru's MHR 1.1

A number of people I know have no use for Twitter, some going out of their way to point out the security risks. However, I have found that with care in who you follow and the information shared, Twitter can be a valuable resource.

It was through Twitter that I found the new Team Cymru MHR 1.1 Firefox extension. The purpose of the extension is to check downloaded files against multiple anti-virus and anti-malware products from the Firefox download window. All you need do is click "Check MHR" shown under the time in the download window:

Note: This extension does not replace your antivirus software. Rather, it is a supplement. In the event the download is identified as malware, it can be deleted rather than installed.

With further investigation, I discovered an article by Brian Krebs about a similar tool. See WinMHR: (Re)Introducing the Malware Hash Registry. Correction: Brian's article is not about the Firefox extension but rather about a similar tool expected to be released later this month. Edited appropriately.

For those interested in more information about Team Cymru (pronounced "kum-ree") see About Us - Team Cymru.

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