Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Armor sold to Emsisoft

Yes, it is true. Mike Nash confirmed in his blog post today that he sold the popular software firewall, Online Armor, to Emsisoft. Many followers of Security Garden will remember when Scot Finnie named Online Armor 2.1 as the Best Firewall Software of 2008.

Online Armor has remained a popular and excellent product. In fact, it is one of the two software free-for-personal use firewall products that I recommend.

On behalf of Emsisoft CEO, Christian Mairoll, Mike provided the following information for Online Armor customers:
  • "Product editions will stay untouched. Freeware edition will not end of course.
  • Website remains on, but we'll have to move everything away from tallemu.* domains soon.
  • Forum remains, but moved to
Which kind of benefits does Emsisoft expect from the deal then? As part of a much larger development team (8 at Emsisoft so far), OA development can progress faster. Sharing knowledge internally is a very important factor for speed and quality of the produced software.

  • With the existing marketing and sales force at Emsisoft, we want to spread the name about OA much more. It's a great product, winning tests, but we need to tell everybody about it to make it grow.

  • On the long run, we have plans to create some kind of a suite product. It's gonna be a completely new product most likely. But things are not finally decided yet."

  • I wish Mike and Tall Emu success in the flexible CRM system, developed for corporate customers.


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