Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out of Band Security Update for Advisory 979352

Microsoft has announced an out-of-band security update to help protect customers from the vulnerability in Microsoft Security Advisory 979352. From the MSRC Blog:

"Based on our comprehensive monitoring of the threat landscape we continue to see very limited, and in some cases, targeted attacks. To date, the only successful attacks that we are aware of have been against Internet Explorer 6. We continue to recommend customers upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 to benefit from the improved security protection it offers. We also recommend customers consider deploying the workarounds and mitigations provided in Security Advisory 979352.

Given the significant level of attention this issue has generated, confusion about what customers can do to protect themselves and the escalating threat environment Microsoft will release a security update out-of-band for this vulnerability."

Additional information regarding the timing of the release will be provided tomorrow.

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