Thursday, December 10, 2009

Facebook Privacy

As announced last summer, the Facebook privacy policy has been updated. Unfortunately, when Facebook members are presented with the update, the default entry is “Everyone”. As those of us who spend time in the security arena are well aware, people tend to miss or click past pre-checked settings. I suspect Facebook advertisers are hoping that will be the case with the recent changes.
Following are screen copies of what is presented to Facebook members.
1) Privacy Announcement


2) Update Privacy Settings


3) Confirmation
There are other issues relating to your privacy that most Facebook members are unaware of as well. It has to do with applications accessing your settings -- you know, the Mafia, Farmville, What animal is your spirit guide, What is your ruling plane, Quizes, and all the rest that show up as invitations.

As Bill Pytlovany explains, it is not only the games. When you take a quiz, or even donate to “Causes” you are providing access your personal information. When your friend allows an application, they give away all your information too. See Facebook Simplifies Sharing your Personal Info and Who Gets Your Personal Information on Facebook? and then lock down your Facebook profile settings by clicking on “Settings” (located at the top, right corner of the page). Select“Privacy Settings” in the drop-down menu and consider changing the settings from Everyone to a more modest approach such as Friends of Friends.

You can also change the access that specific Applications have to your information. Click Applications in the bottom left corner of the Facebook page and select "Edit Applications". Review the various permissions provided to applications in the drop-down menu identified as "Show".

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