Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ready.Set.7 - Look for the Logo!

Is it time for you to upgrade your computer hardware? Are you in the market for software for Windows 7? To ensure compatibility of the new hardware and software with Windows 7, look for the Compatible with Windows 7 logo on the hardware packaging or software vendor website.

For Microsoft hardware products (i.e., keyboards, mice) software for Windows 7 is available at Microsoft Hardware Support for Windows®.

As described in the Windows 7 Blog by Mark Relph, Senior Director with the Windows Product Strategy Group. a number of changes were made to the Logo criteria as well as the process for granting Logo status.

“Our goal is to make the “Compatible with Windows 7 Logo” about the customer and ensuring them the best experience possible with Windows. A few of the changes we made include:

  • We focused on robust testing requirements to ensure optimal Windows 7 experience. Products that receive the Logo are checked for common issues to minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and reboots experienced by the user.
  • To be granted the Logo, products are tested to work with all versions of Windows 7 including 64-bit. This is an important change since 64 bit systems are becoming more mainstream.
  • We changed the testing process, reducing the amount of paperwork required and making it less expensive for our partners to achieve the logo.
  • We reached out to partners earlier giving them more time to test their products for use with Windows 7”

I am pleased to see the added requirement for 64-bit compatibility before vendors can earn the Logo. This will provide additional confidence to people considering upgrading to 64-bit.

Before you purchase either hardware or software, Look for the Logo! You can see some of the vendors who have already qualified to display the Logo at Ready.Set.7


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