Thursday, August 27, 2009

Power IT Down Day!

Join Microsoft, Citrix, Intel and HP to support Power IT Down Day on August 27. As explained in the Microsoft FutureFed blog:
"According to the Environment Protection Agency, IT accounts for 2% of all power consumption in the nation, and the government is the largest energy consumer in the country spending $293 million annually just to power its PCs. As federal agencies work to reduce energy consumption for cost-savings and environmental benefits, Power IT Down Day focuses on the little things that we as individuals can do to support energy efficiency. To join the cause, you just have to pledge to turn your computers, printers, monitors and other IT devices off at the end of the day on August 27. When just one person leaves this type of equipment turned on overnight, he or she wastes approximately 13 kilowatt hours. Last year, 2,800 people participated, saving more than 37,000 kilowatt hours in one night."
Sign up here: Power IT Down Day August 27th

The confirmation e-mail will include that your commitment to save energy will be added to the total savings calculation. A portion of the cost savings will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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