Sunday, July 26, 2009

Webhelper is Back!

"I am the Watcher, I am the SpywareHunter. I am the Webhelper, Keeper of the histories of all who work to profit from the use of other's personal information through the use of adware, trackware, or controlware. If you are one who does this, I will know!"

W├Ąchter der Geschichten, Keeper of the Histories

Although still very busy in his position as Senior Malware Researcher at Sunbelt Software, our long-time friend and associate, Patrick Jordan, a.k.a. the renown Webhelper, has resumed providing Webhelper Alerts! for members of LandzDown Forum.

As Webhelper tells us:

"One must know the past in order to understand the present
if one is to change the future

Welcome home, old friend!

Remember - "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
May the wind sing to you and the sun rise in your heart...

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