Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Which Windows 7 Version Suits You?

The wide availability of the Windows 7 Beta and subsequent Release Candidate have resulted in massive exposure. With the Windows 7 Beta beginning bi-hourly shutdowns starting tomorrow, July 1, 2009 (expiring August 1, 2009), the Release Candidate servers will be seeing increased activity while consumers attempt to determine which Windows 7 version will best suit their needs.

To help determine which version would meet your needs, Ed Bott created a table of features found exclusively in Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. The purpose of the comparison is to provide a side-by-side showing of unique features in the Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions. If you do not need the unique features, it could well be that the Windows 7 Home Premium may best suit you.

Ed provides a detailed discussion of what the items from his table below mean on page 2 of Do you need more than Windows 7 Home Premium?

Still uncertain? Head over to Ed's detailed description in From Starter to Ultimate: What's really in each Windows 7 Edition?

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Anonymous said...

Without the classic start menu: none ... ;)

// Oliver

Corrine said...

Awe, come on, Ollie. Its time to accept change. :)

I switched to the classic start menu when I first got Windows Vista and promptly switched back.

(Hope all is well.)