Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Release: WinPatrol v16 Beta

Today marks the inaugural release of WinPatrol v16 Beta. Bill Pytlovany has done it yet again! I have used WinPatrol since Windows 95. However, it matters not what Microsoft operating system is released, each new version of WinPatrol adds yet another useful feature.

I have already installed WinPatrol v16 Beta on both Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta and it is working beautifully! (Standard precaution: It is not recommended that beta software be installed on production computers and always create a restore point before installing new software.)

WinPatrol v16 Beta adds two unique features to this popular (an my favorite) program. As BillP explains,

"The first has to do with Windows 7 and User Access Control. There are two versions of the small WinPatrol monitor component. One requires UAC permission, one does not.

Initially, the non-UAC version will run so you don’t have a UAC alert every time you reboot. If however, a change is detected and WinPatrol needs permissions we’ll swap the WinPatrol monitor with the one which requires UAC.

Lets user know that UAC access is required

This dialog will only be seen by Vista and Windows 7 machines with UAC activated. It will only occur once and only if needed."

The second addition, the "Hide Alert Messages", is only available WinPatrol PLUS subscribers (remember a WinPatrol PLUS subscription is a one-time update charge with no annual renewal fees). The Hide Alerts Messages feature also includes the option to ignore “RunOnce” changes to the registry.

To access Hide Alert Messages, launch WinPatrol and click the Options tab. The new feature is available via the button on the left next to "Lock File Types".

Additional information is available in Yes We Can, Release WinPatrol v16 Beta and WinPatrol Beta Headquarters.

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