Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuned In to Zune!

I am pleased to say that I am happily tuned in to Zune! Finally, I got that Zune I wished for when the Zune launched.

After the Zune 2 release, the prices of Zune 1 dropped. I debated which model to get. In the long run, the size won out. I opted for the Zune 8 GB Flash and am extremely pleased with my choice. At 1.7 ounces, it weighs next to nothing, is very small so easily slips into a pocket. It hasn't taken me long to load over 2 GB of favorites to listen to. I particularly like that the Zune has FM reception. This provides yet another avenue of entertainment, weather reports or the news.

Being what I would describe as rather "fumble fingered", I was afraid that I wouldn't be comfortable operating this little device. However, I have found the Zune intuitive to operate. For the time being, I haven't found the need to go beyond Zune Marketplace. However, there are quite a few Zune support sites as well as blogs devoted to the Zune. A selected few of the available sites are referenced below. If you are in the market for an MP3 player, consider a Zune. I am certainly glad I did.

Now that I have a collection of music loaded, perhaps I'll have time to move on to the next project. I really want to get back to reshaping, remodeling, reorganizing Windows Vista Bookmarks. An on-line forum friend, John L. Galt, sent me an incredible listing of bookmarks to include.

Zune Reference Sampling:

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Harvey Chute said...

Hope you love your Zune. I have an 8GB and an 80GB, love'em both.
Drop by the site if you run into troubles or just want to share experiences!
- Harvey / Zunerama