Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Windows Vista SP1 Prerequisites Delivered

If you have been following the information being provided on the release of Windows Vista SP1, you should have noticed that there are prerequisites that Microsoft indicated would be made available via Windows Update.

Included in the February 2008 Security Bulletin "High priority non-security updates" and detailed in KB Article 894199 were the following Windows Vista SP1 prerequisites:
  • KB 937287 updates the Windows Vista installation software. The installation software is the component that handles the installation and removal of software updates, language packs, optional Windows features, and service packs. This update is necessary to successfully install and uninstall Windows Vista SP1 on all editions of Windows Vista. After installation, it cannot be removed.
  • KB 938371 updates Windows Vista in order to install or to remove Service Pack 1 more reliably. This update must be applied separately before you install Windows Vista SP1 to make sure that Windows Vista SP1 can be installed or removed from the computer. This update is necessary to install and to uninstall Windows Vista SP1 on all editions of Windows Vista. After you install this item, you cannot remove it.
Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate have an additional prerequisite update that must be installed prior to KB 937287 and KB 938371. This is KB 935509, which was released to Windows Update in January. Neither KB 937287 or 938371 will be offered for users of Enterprise or Ultimate until KB 935509 has been installed.
  • KB 935509 contains an update that you must have to correctly service Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption-capable computers and is only for Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate.
To check that you have the prerequisites, go to Start\Control Panel\Security\Windows Update\View update history. I'm ready. How about you?

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