Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Met "Scotty" Today!

It seems that every time I wear my WinPatrol Plus shirt, someone asks me if I have a "Scotty" dog. Of course, my response is something to the effect that I have WinPatrol Plus with "Scotty on Patrol". The conversation will then generally lead to questions about WinPatrol.

The conversation went a bit differently this morning. As I was loading the produce I had just purchased in my car outside the local farm market, the person getting in the neighboring car asked me if I have a Scotty dog. I explained that I have two Borders and that my shirt is for WinPatrol. I don't believe the young man heard a word I said. His face lite up and he quickly informed me that he has a Scotty and asked if I wanted to meet him. By that time he was climbing into the front seat of his car and I had finished loading my purchases. Before I could say a word, he reached across the passenger seat and opened the car door. Sure enough, there was a full-grown Scotty, looking just like Bill Pytlovany's WinPatrol Scotty! Gotta love it.

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