Thursday, January 01, 2009

Microsoft Sites

The Microsoft sites listed below provide essential security information:

  • Microsoft Safety & Security Center
    The latest in computer security information for Consumers, Developers, IT Professionals and Businesses.
  • Microsoft Support Lifecycle
    Support lifecycle information for product families. For an alphabetized list of all Microsoft products, see the Support Lifecycle Index page.
  • MMPC: Microsoft Malware Protection Center Blog The MMPC Blog includes day-to-day, “behind the scenes” information about new, emerging and interesting malware threats as well as other research topics in the computer security field.
  • MMPC: Microsoft Malware Protection Center Portal
    The MMPC includes a wealth of information. It is your source for the latest definitions and change logs for Microsoft security software. Research malware, get guidance and advice, links to additional tools and resources, submit a sample and more at the MMPC.
  • MSRC - Microsoft Security Response Center
    The MSRC is "the" source for information from the Security Response team on Security Bulletins, Security Advisories and information about vulnerabilities, mitigations, and workarounds.
  • Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Blogs
    This site tracks all Microsoft Trustworthy Computing blogs.
  • Security Research & Defense
    Obtain information from Microsoft about vulnerabilities, mitigations and workarounds, active attacks, security research, tools and guidance. In particular, a source to obtain additional technical information on security updates.
  • Security TechCenter -- Get links to technical bulletins, advisories, updates, tools, and prescriptive guidance designed to help IT pros keep Microsoft servers, desktops, and applications up to date and secure. 
  • Security Tips & Talk --  Regularly updated with tips to protect your digital devices with security, safety and privacy advice for the whole family.
  • Microsoft Security Bulletins -- Obtain detailed information on security updates for all Microsoft products.

A complete list of official Microsoft team blogs is available at BlogMS, updated weekly.

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